Author : Tomaso Nigris
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Andrea Colombo is working as a journalist in a local newspaper. Nothing exciting, like his private life: so many loves, no love. In this unresolved and precarious routine, however, there are three recurring figures: the Magi, a constant presence in his life. Finding that a part of the bones of the Magi is kept in Milan, in the Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio, he begins to research them and soon finds himself faced with unexpected questions. Thus, the Magi become the seals of disconcerting secrets, capable of threatening the very fundamental dogmas of the Church. Andrea stumbles into a story bigger than him, where religious and msonic extremists create a game of mirrors in which appearance and reality mix dangerously. Templars, Knights of Malta, the “fifth” Gospel, arcane messages disguised in Leonardo’s paintings animate this novel that, combining the exciting mechanisms of thriller with the introspection of an existential narrative, offers a tense and human story: the lesson that, in order to live fully, one must accept the challenge of entering without reserve in the complicated mystery of existence.

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    Alexey Tananykin

    Dear Tomaso

    Thank you for your book, you did a great work. It took three evenings, three glasses of port wine and three apples to read your novel. The russian version has some stupid spelling mistakes, the editor should be fired 🙂

    It is hard to catch my attention with a book, to be honest I’m usually too sceptic to all “brand new” things in literature, cinema, music, you know, there are always a lot of time-tested classic to spend your free time. But this one is a brand new novel from the time-tested person 🙂

    I was really struck by the amount of references to different real facts, people, books, songs, things. It reminds me VALIS – I felt the similar way because this novel also represents authors views to theology and philosophy and also refers to Biblical writings, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, etc. and the main character is personified as the author. So in the end you can easily mix up the reality and fiction. But your book doesn’t look like a fiction (except of the happy end :)) It gives some answers and it gives a hope.

    You did a good thing, a special thing, I really enjoyed it. I can’t believe that nobody did this before. Its so right and so simple. A story about love, about crime, about friendship and about a mystery.

    I believe your novel has a big future.

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